Crane Hydraulic System Have To Comply With The Five Major Issues

  The crane is hydraulically powered and equipped with various hydraulic devices. Therefore, if not properly comply with the operation and maintenance rules, not only can not give full play to the performance, but also will shorten the service life of parts. Therefore, the following matters must be observed in the course of the operation.

  1, before the operation, should be determined by the tank level window hydraulic oil is required to fill the full, below the provisions of the mark below, you must be added. Refueling, must be through the refilling filter into the injection, and very attention can not be mixed into different grades of oil or water impure nature.

  2, the filter cartridge filter 250 hours after work should be checked, if necessary, to clean or replace.

  3, the hydraulic tank should be every two weeks from the bottom of the mouth to remove water and impurities at a time, and every other year (or work over 2000h) to replace all the hydraulic oil (in the case of oil is not metamorphic, may be appropriate to extend Oil change cycle). When the crane is operating in a particularly harsh environment, the oil replacement cycle should be reduced accordingly.

  4, the hydraulic system of the various valves in the factory has been fully tested, and has adjusted the pressure and flow, must not easily touch.

  5, all kinds of mechanical parts, especially the hydraulic system of the device, are not dirt attached. After the operation, be sure to clean the dust and oil.