Easy To Use Small Slip Ring Linear Motor Rotational Motion

Linear stepper motor, is widely used in equipment machinery, such as machine tools, engraving machines and so on need to stepper motor drive, is a lot of mechanical power drive equipment, Easy To Use Small Slip Ring Linear Motor linear stepper motor in many demanding areas are great Use it, the following brief description of its working principle.

 Steering motor from rotary motion to linear motion can be done in several mechanical ways, including rack and gear drive and belt and pulley drive and other mechanical coupling mechanism. Easy To Use Small Slip Ring Linear Motor All of these designs require a variety of mechanical parts. The most effective way to accomplish this change is to do so within the motor itself. The basic stepper motor is rotated by a magnetic rotor core interacting with the pulsating stator electromagnetic field generated by the stator. Easy To Use Small Slip Ring Linear Motor The linear motor converts the rotary motion into a linear motion, and the precision of the transformation depends on the step angle of the rotor and the method chosen.

The precision of the linear motor using the thread depends on its pitch. Install a nut in the center of the rotor of the linear motor, and accordingly a screw is engaged with the nut. To move the screw axially, it is necessary to prevent the screw from rotating with the rotor assembly in some way. Easy To Use Small Slip Ring Linear Motor As the screw rotation is restricted, Easy To Use Small Slip Ring Linear Motor when the rotor rotates, the screw to achieve a linear motion. Whether it is inside the motor with a fixed screw shaft assembly or on the external thread axis can not be rotated but the axis can be free to move the nut, are the typical way to achieve rotation constraints.

To simplify the design, it is meaningful to achieve a linear transformation inside the motor. This method greatly simplifies the design so that in many applications it is possible to use a linear motor for precise linear movement without the installation of an external mechanical linkage. The original linear motor uses a ball nut and screw combination. Ball screw provides more than 90% efficiency, and according to the thread conditions, Easy To Use Small Slip Ring Linear Motor trapezoidal thread provides only 20% to 70% efficiency. Although the ball screw on the rotation of the rotary motion is a flexible method, but the ball nut is difficult to calibrate, and bulky, expensive.