Several Problems Worthy Of Attention In Crane Load Test

  Today,the development of China of construction machinery to solve the existence of the era has gone, the kind of low level, low reliability, high consumption of the solution to the existence of extensive operation no longer work, and must be high-tech, fine direction.

  The fine of the old product

  Twin-turbo forklift and forklift gearbox with synchronizer, and ordinary drive axle with clamp disc brakes, is still the dominant product of the market, is still the cost of business to eat.But before is basically extensive business, little attention to detail. In fact, a lot of reliability problems, because they do not pay attention to detail caused. For example, many pieces from the surface to see which one is China, which is foreign. Another example is the layout of China's product pipelines and fixed these details much worse than abroad, causing more failures. In 1997 I went to visit the German company, see their master with the hand, with oil to little by little to an important part of the burr, our people will certainly think they are fuss. But in fact these "small problems", will cause damage to the seal, resulting in unclean, etc., leading to reliability problems and so on. Processing center, computer-controlled heat treatment, three coordinate measuring machine and other equipment, we do not have a big gap compared with foreign countries. At present, in fact, is to be fine, to solve the problem. The details of the problem should be mentioned on the agenda, which may be a lot of people do not know. But we need to be carefully designed, carefully crafted, attention to detail. So that we have the most comprehensive and wide range of products, the reliability of a complete solution to all the appearance, surface quality and all the details are raised to the same level of foreign products. To expand sales, expand the level of profitability, to support the development of new technologies.

  For prospective technical preparation

  Enterprises in maintaining the existing production and operation at the same time, should study and recognize the direction of development of the industry, ahead of pre-delirium technology preparation. There are many companies only in front of the market interests, not for the prospective technical preparation, no technical reserves, such a business life is basically short, it is difficult to maintain long-term survival. Zhejiang Linhai Haihong Group, due to the forward-looking technology to prepare, the enterprise from a nameless soon developed into the industry's well-known enterprises. Like Hangzhou teeth, only to be able to develop the industry's largest engineering machinery double-supporting enterprises, and the rapid development of the enterprise is the development of each stage, pay attention to forward-looking new technology research and application. When the industry gradually revealed that the need for high-tech level transmission components, Hangzhou teeth that spend a large price to buy ZF 4WG180 double manufacturing technology, on this basis, continue to increase R & D and manufacturing technology investment, so that products High-end loader supporting, but also for other graders and other engineering machinery products, products in short supply, and general product surplus, poor sales, in sharp contrast. 2002 in 4WG180,4WG200 based on the successful development of the road electromechanical control box, this high-tech products for the first time in the use of roller, led the development of road roller technology trends, resulting in a very good social benefits. But also for the Hang teeth brought considerable economic benefits.

  Need to solve the core technical problems

  The core technology of the Chinese hydraulic parts is completely in the hands of foreigners, so the main body of hydraulic components such as excavators and other long-term dominate the market by foreign countries. And China's older generation of transmission parts, Chinese enterprises have mastered the core technology, so that loaders, forklifts booming up to become China's most beautiful national brand. When the transmission components to today, need to enter a higher level of electronic control box and wet bridge period, but also must break and master the new core technology, in order to develop into a new Chinese characteristics of the electronic control box and wet bridge.

  At present, the electronic control box is the core technology of microcomputer integrated control system, which contains two of the core technology. One is a microcomputer integrated controller, also known as microprocessors. This core technology has been in the hands of foreigners, in recent years, China's major transmission parts enterprises and major host enterprises and related tertiary institutions, research institutes and related microelectronics components business research, basically a success. In the near future, China's own microprocessors will be used in China's high-level transmission system. Another core technology is the system of electro-hydraulic control valve, one is the valve itself, the other is used in the valve high level, high reliability of the electromagnet, has also been the basic success, there are some minor problems, need Continue to tackle the problem.

  How is the core technology of wet bridge successful in solving heat problems. The key to solving this problem is to solve the problem in the case of simple structure and cost control; the second is the reliability problem of sealing; the third is the performance, reliability and life of wet friction materials. On the friction material, Huangshi Fu Friction Materials Co., Ltd. has been basically developed, was in September 2007 held in Huangshi application recommendations. At present, domestic wet bridge has already begun to put the market in bulk.

  Prospects for Transmission Components

  Transmission components is one of the most important core components of engineering machinery, in the construction machinery machine value is also very high. In the current state of China's construction machinery upgrade technology, transmission components have great prospects for development. At the same time, China's major construction machinery, loaders, forklifts, bulldozers, graders, rollers and other exports are growing rapidly. Loaders, forklifts and other exports this year are likely to more than 30,000 units, more than the twenty-first century before the industry's total sales for any year. For these export products supporting the domestic high-tech level transmission components of the prospects are very broad.

  In China's domestic market, the requirements of the transmission components of the technical upgrading of the voice has become increasingly high, especially some key enterprises, electro-hydraulic integrated control gearbox and wet bridge products particularly favor. At present, Huan Te and Liuzhou Zifu Machinery Co., Ltd. produced by the Ai Fu boxes are far in short supply, indicating that the market demand has been relatively large, wet bridge is also developing rapidly. The host enterprises and professional supporting enterprises of the wet bridge production and sales are growing rapidly, so the domestic high-tech level of the original components of the domestic market development prospects are very broad.

  In the original parts of the transmission, there is still a technical gap in our country, that is, large tonnage transmission components have not yet. Such as more than 6t loaders and large tonnage forklifts, etc., domestic bridge, box are in the blank. Imports of product prices, time are subject to people, so long-term constraints of the development of domestic large tonnage products. The current large tonnage products, especially more than 6t large tonnage loaders have entered a period of rapid development. In recent years, China's ports, mines, steel, cement and large enterprises are in urgent need of large tonnage loader products. Especially the 6t loader, will usher in a period of great development, in addition to 6t their own demand surge, the use of 5t loader many users, has been gradually upgraded to 6t. Therefore, China's transmission parts enterprises should seize this opportunity to develop large-scale transmission components. Especially the strength of the enterprise, the current development of high-level large-scale components should be the development of the top priority!

  The largest market created the largest manufacturing company. The United States is the world's largest construction machinery market, creating the world's largest Caterpillar this giant. Japan is the world's second largest construction machinery market, creating the world's second largest construction machinery manufacturing enterprises - Komatsu. The twenty-first century, China will replace the United States, become the world's largest construction machinery market, will also be pregnant China's largest construction machinery enterprises. Therefore, the transmission components in China's development prospects will be very broad, the future is bright!