YTS Type Motors Energy Saving Effect

With the development of variable frequency speed regulation and the decrease of inverter price, the application of variable frequency speed regulating system is more and more extensive. But ordinary Y series motor with frequency converter drive, as a result of the inverter output voltage and current waveforms are higher harmonic, therefore the efficiency of the motor, power factor, temperature rise will be deteriorated, in district cooling effect and the maximum torque at low speed is reduced, serious when the motor torque ripple and noise.

YTS series variable frequency speed regulating special motor absorbs foreign advanced product technology and CAD design. At low speed (the frequency is less than 50Hz), it can make constant torque continuous motion in a range of 1:10, and it is stable and stable without torque ripple, with high torque and small starting current. The motor has high speed (> 50Hz) can output constant power. This series of motor speed range, small vibration, small noise, can be matched with SPWM variable frequency governor to form ac frequency conversion speed regulation system. The power grade and installation dimensions of YTS series motors are in line with international IEC standards. Its corresponding relation is consistent with the Y series (IP44) three-phase asynchronous motor, and the interchangeability is strong. The series motors are cage structure, reliable operation, convenient maintenance, and equipped with independent cooling fan, and ensure that the motor has a good cooling effect at different speeds.

YTS series frequency conversion motor with speed control system composed of SPWM frequency conversion governor compared with other control methods, the energy saving effect is obvious, good speed regulation performance and speed than wide, fast, good corresponding resistance, wide application range, high ratio of performance to price, is one of the most advanced system of ac speed regulating scheme. It can be widely used in the main shaft transmission, textile, unifier, metallurgy, papermaking and other industries such as constant torque and constant power speed regulation of the fan pump. And it can be designed with computer control interface, which can help realize the automatic control of speed control system. It is a high-tech energy-saving product that the country is promoting at present.