YTS Type Motors Reason And Treatment

The cause and treatment of abnormal sound in rolling bearing of motor

1, when the electric power, YTS Type Motors can be used a screwdriver, the tip of the bearing on the outer cover, ears close to the screwdriver wooden handle to listen to the sound of the bearing. such as the rolling body in the inner and outer circle there is a faint rolling sound, and the sound monotonous and uniform, make people feel relaxed, then the bearing good, motor operation normal. YTS Type Motors If you hear an abnormal sound, you should analyze the cause and handle it.

1.1 Hear the obvious rolling body rolling and vibration sound, indicating that the bearing clearance is too large or serious wear, need to be replaced.

1.2 Rolling body sound hoarse, heavy tone, indicating that the bearing lubrication grease is too dirty, there is impurity intrusion, need kerosene cleaning bearings and replacement of new lubricants.

1.3 Rolling body has irregular impact sound, YTS Type Motors indicating that the bearing has individual rolling body rupture, need to be replaced.

1.4 The sound of a whistle, mingled with the rolling of the rolling body, indicating the lack of lubrication grease or lubricant selection, need to add a clean lubricant or replace the appropriate lubricant.

2. Causes and treatment methods of rolling bearing heating

2.1 The use of motor time too long, YTS Type Motors lubricating grease deterioration, harden;

2.2 The lubricating oil in the bearing room is too much or too little, should add the 1 3 2 3 between the bearing chamber volume;

2.3 Bearing room with sundries, YTS Type Motors need kerosene to clean the bearing and replace the new lubricating oil.

2.4 Bearing wear is too large or the inner ring and the outer ring rupture, should replace the same type of new bearings.

2.5 motor running vibration, YTS Type Motors improper coupling installation, transmission belt too tight and the hinge bending, will cause the bearing fever;

2.6 The bearing is not fitted with the shaft shoulder, and the bearing cover is disassembled, and the inner ring of the bearing is hammered with a brass stick.

2.7 The end cover or bearing cap assembly is not good, should be reassembled, so that both ends of the end cover and the base of the stop to cooperate well, YTS Type Motors and the diagonal tighten the bearing cover fastening bolts.

2.8 The working performance of the rolling bearing depends not only on the precision of the bearing itself, but also on the size accuracy of the shaft and hole it fits, YTS Type Motors the form and position tolerance and surface roughness, the matching of the selection and the correct installation.

If the bearing inner ring is too tight with the shaft, or the bearing outer ring with the end cover bearing indoor hole is too tight, that is, the public surplus is too large, then the bearing gap becomes too small, sometimes even close to zero. So the bearing rotation is not flexible, YTS Type Motors the operation will be hot, and even burnt out bearings.

But if the bearing inner ring with the shaft with loose, or bearing outer ring and end cover with loose, then at the time of operation, bearing inner ring and shaft, or bearing outer ring and end cover, will occur relative movement, friction and heat, resulting in overheating bearings. Suitable interference fit between the inner ring and the shaft of the rolling bearing and the mating of the outer ring and end cover of the rolling bearings generally use excessive coordination, and their tolerances are shown in the manual or manual.

The function of the motor is to convert the electrical energy into mechanical energy, and in the process of power conversion, the output shaft is fitted with a pulley or a coupling, YTS Type Motors which is transmitted by a belt or a coupling to drive the equipment to work. But some customers to the motor output shaft with pulley, because the belt pulley too heavy or belt installation too tight or coupling installation is not concentric, will lead to the motor in the process of operation, the motor output shaft continued to be subjected to variable stress, YTS Type Motors this stress on the axis of the maximum bending moment in the output shaft bearing fulcrum, repeated impact caused fatigue, so that the shaft gradually produced cracks, and finally completely fractured.