YTS Type Motors The Good Or Bad

1, YTS Type Motors shake table shake, 500V shake table can be, shake the three terminals on the line of the motor housing insulation resistance, should be more than 0.5M Europe on the description of no short circuit.

2, multimeter test: measured A / B / C three-phase resistance, YTS Type Motors whether it is equal, it should be almost bad too much can turn, but not long, remember the greater the motor, the smaller the resistance! Can not be three-phase are 0 Europe, unless you are particularly large, YTS Type Motors such as more than 50KW motor! Remember that if the speed of the motor 6 terminal resistance is not the same yo!

3, check the bearings, fans, the general winding motor let the whole change! Because sometimes the bearing lock will burn the motor yo!

4, the motor no-load current is generally rated current of 10% to 50%, YTS Type Motors and sometimes the motor idling current is also zero yo!

5, the motor rated current running, is full load operation, the output power is basically 100%. Running current is small, indicating that the motor output power becomes smaller, YTS Type Motors is light load operation.

Measure the insulation resistance of the motor windings and housings with a 500V megger, and should not be less than 0.5 megawatts. Measure the windings with a multimeter. YTS Type Motors There are no wires that meet the requirements. The motor is good.

The detection of the capacitor is good or bad with a pointer to the multimeter (also with a digital table with a capacitive scale, which can be measured directly).

The multimeter to 1K or 10K resistance file, YTS Type Motors measuring the capacitor of the two leads, the needle quickly turn right after the right back to the left side of the capacitor is always good to the right side of the capacitor was broken through the pointer does not move the capacitor inside the broken Line or no capacity. YTS Type Motors In this way can only judge the capacitor is good or bad.

Permanent magnet synchronous motor operating principle and the same as the electric excitation synchronous motor, but it is provided by the permanent magnet to replace the latter's excitation winding excitation, the motor structure is more simple. In recent years, the improvement of the performance of permanent magnetic materials and the advancement of power electronics technology have promoted the development of new principle and new structure permanent magnet synchronous motor, which has promoted the development of motor product technology, variety and function. Some permanent magnet synchronous motor Has become a series of products, YTS Type Motors its capacity from small to large, has reached the megawatt level, the application of more and more widely; its status is more and more important, from military to civilian, from special to the general rapid expansion, not only in the micro motor In the dominant, YTS Type Motors but also in the electric propulsion system also shows a strong vitality.

Heat and high magnetic properties NdFeB permanent magnet material development will be successful in high-power permanent magnet synchronous motor access to important applications. The demand for high-power motors is growing, such as electric vehicles, hybrid cars (combined with internal combustion engines and motors), YTS Type Motors such as electric vehicles, trains, elevators, machine tools, robots, and so on.

The ship drives the motor for low speed large torque. Germany Siemens in 1986 developed 1095kW, 230r / rain six-phase permanent magnet synchronous motor for the advance of the ship, compared with the past used DC motor, the volume can be reduced by about 60%, the loss can be reduced by about 20% The Another 1760kW permanent magnet synchronous propulsion motor installed in U. 212 submarine trial, YTS Type Motors its length and effective volume compared with the traditional DC propulsion motor by 40%. Switzerland ABB has built more than 300 electric propulsion ships with a maximum installed capacity of 2X19MW, YTS Type Motors and its developed 400 kW to 3 MW permanent magnet synchronous motors are used for: "Com-paet A ~ ipod" pod type electric propulsion system. France Thermal Mongolia Industrial Company in 1987 developed 400 kW, 500r / rain permanent magnet motor prototype and DC motor compared to the volume is also reduced by 40%. 1996, 12 phase, 1800 kW, 180r / rain permanent magnet propulsion motor and control device has been completed and all the real ship test. In the same year, the British exhibited "HNA" light stealth frigate design model. YTS Type Motors The ship is equipped with two 21MW permanent magnet synchronous motors that drive the propeller directly before cruising or stealth.