YTS Type Motors The Main Advantages

Motor commutator In the DC motor, YTS Type Motors commutator with brush, can add the DC power supply into the armature coil alternating current, YTS Type Motors so that the direction of electromagnetic torque constant; in the DC generator, for the change The instrument is equipped with a brush to convert the alternating electromotive force induced in the armature coil to the positive and negative electromotive force of the negative brush. YTS Type Motors The commutator is a cylinder consisting of a plurality of commutator segments, which are insulated from the mica sheet.

The motor's brush installation is used to introduce or draw DC voltage and DC current. Brush installation by the brush, brush grip, brush pole and brush pole seat and so on. YTS Type Motors Brush placed in the brush grip, with the spring compression, so that brush and commutator between the excellent sliding contact, brush grip fixed on the brush pole, brush bar mounted on the ring-shaped brush pole seat, YTS Type Motors each other Must be insulated between. Brush pole seat mounted on the end cap or bearing inner cover, the circumference position can be adjusted, transferred to the future to be fixed.

 Professional motor factory is committed to creating high-quality motor products, adhere to the people-oriented, adhering to the "credibility of the first, YTS Type Motors quality first" business philosophy, the use of high-quality raw materials and sophisticated manufacturing process, the implementation of strict quality management, product performance in the domestic leading level The Let's take a look at the main advantages of our motor products.

    1, adaptability: anti-overload ability, YTS Type Motors can withstand three times the rated torque of the load, there are instantaneous load fluctuations and the requirements of fast start occasions particularly applicable;

    2, Timeliness: motor acceleration and deceleration of the dynamic corresponding time is short, YTS Type Motors usually within tens of milliseconds;

    3, stable: low-speed operation is smooth, YTS Type Motors low-speed operation will not produce similar to stepper motor stepping operation. Suitable for high-speed response requirements of the occasion;

    4, precision: to achieve the position, speed and torque of the closed-loop control; to overcome the stepper motor out of step;

    5, speed: high-speed performance is good, YTS Type Motors the general rated speed can reach 2000 to 3000 rpm;

    6, comfort: heat and noise significantly reduced.

Maintenance of the motor:

    1, the motor should ensure that the motor in the course of running a good lubrication. The general motor running for about 5000 hours, that should be added or replaced grease, YTS Type Motors running in the bearing overheating or lubrication deterioration, the hydraulic time for grease.

    2, when the end of the bearing life, YTS Type Motors the motor running vibration and noise will be significantly increased, check the bearing radial clearance to the following values, that should be replaced bearings.

    3, the replacement winding must be recorded in the original winding form, YTS Type Motors size and number of turns, wire gauge, etc., when the loss of these data, the factory should be obtained, free to change the original design of the winding, often the motor or a few performance Deteriorate, YTS Type Motors and even can not be used.

    4, the use of the environment should always be kept dry, YTS Type Motors the motor surface should be kept clean, the inlet should not be dust, fiber and other obstacles.