YZP Type Motors A Building Machine

YZP type motor is a kind of construction machinery, which adopts computer aided design, and fully considers the influence of the power supply of variable frequency power in the motor.

YZP metallurgy and lifting machine motor using computer aided design, fully consider the impact of the variable frequency power supply in the motor, can with the domestic and foreign each kind of variable frequency device matching, ac variable frequency speed regulation system. It has a large overload capacity, high mechanical strength, wide range of speed and running stability and other characteristics, suitable for those short-term or intermittent operation, frequent starting and braking, and positive &negative, had a load and significant vibration and impact of hoisting machinery and mechanical equipment of metallurgical auxiliary drive system of the frequency control of motor speed. With high precision sensor, high precision closed-loop operation can be achieved. The motor mounting size is consistent with the YZ and YZR series three-phase asynchronous motors with the same frame.

The driving voltage of lifting and metallurgical power is 380V, the frequency range of 3-100Hz. 3-50Hz is constant torque speed adjustment, 50-100hz is constant power speed adjustment. The protection grade of the motor enclosure is IP54 and the insulation level is F and H.

The YZP hoisting motor has a fan cooling, the benchmark work system S3 -40%, YZPF series adopts independent power fan to force the surface of the motor to be cold, the benchmark work system S1.

According to the user's needs, the motor can be equipped with various high resolution photoelectric encoder, electromagnetic brake and other accessories

YZP series of metallurgy and the reuse frequency control of motor speed three phase asynchronous motor is based on variable frequency speed regulating device for the power supply control three phase asynchronous motor, and the system can realize stepless speed regulation of frequency conversion device; Achieve energy saving and control automation. Because of high efficiency, wide speed range and good accuracy, the brake operation is stable, and overload ability etc., especially suitable for the need frequency control of motor speed, short-term or intermittent cycle operation, frequent braking situations. The basic technical requirements of the motor meet the requirements of iec34-1 and GB755, and the installation size conforms to IEC72 international standard.

The motor can be attached with heat protector, heater, encoder, electromagnetic brake, overspeed switch and speed generator, etc., to meet the needs of the user

Working system and technical data: high carrier frequency voltage adjusted for frequency converter output. Rated voltage 380V, rated frequency 50Hz. Insulation grade F, protection grade IP54 and IP55. Speed range 3-100hz; 3-50Hz is the constant torque operation; 50-100 hz is the constant power operation. The altitude is no more than 1000m, relative humidity is not greater than 90%. Cooling mode, 112-132 machine number is self-fan cold (IC411), 160-335 machine seat number is fan cold (IC416). 180 and the following machine seats are Y, 200 and above are the delta connection. The rated voltage and frequency can withstand the rated torque 2 times overload for 1min.