YZP Type Motors Bearing Life

The lubrication of the motor bearing will directly affect the life of the bearing and will also affect the service life of the motor. It is very important to add grease (oil) to the motor bearing correctly and regularly. YZP Type Motors Today, I'd like to give you a brief introduction to the main considerations of bearing lubrication:

1. For small motor Marathon motor has been fully used double sealed bearings (bearing model behind "ZZ"), this kind of bearing is a pre oiling type, YZP Type Motors no need to inject oil.

2. The motor with oiling device, these motors have been injected in the factory oil, but after the use of the motor need to be based on the time on the oil signs, YZP Type Motors grease grades, refueling regularly filling grease. Replace Grease (general one year) according to the requirements of the motor maintenance instruction.

Open injection nozzle, confirm injection nozzle clean, with manual oil gun or gas pressure oil gun into the injector, according to the time on the oil signs, grease grades, YZP Type Motors refueling quantity into the grease.

If there is no way to control the amount of refueling, refueling can open the drain, add oil after the motor to run 20-30 minutes, so that excess grease has been discharged, YZP Type Motors and then the injection nozzle and oil outlet dust cover cover, refueling end.

If the bearing grease plus too much, do not discharge oil will also cause rapid failure of the bearing; if the bearing grease too much motor running grease in the bearing internal friction extrusion to produce high temperature, shaft and bearing for interference, such as the bearing temperature too high shaft temperature can not keep up with the bearing on the easy to run inner ring, such as bearing one-run inner ring bearing will soon expire.

After the test, the intake of the motor should not be sufficient to affect the normal operation of the motor; the windings and charged parts that are not scheduled to run under damp conditions shall not be damp, and the water in the motor shall not be immersed in these parts. The fan blades inside the motor are allowed to be damp, and, if there are drainage measures, water is also allowed to leak along the shaft end. YZP Type Motors If the motor in the static state to do the test, the rated voltage under no-load running 15min, and then withstand voltage test, the test voltage should be the new motor test value of 50%, but should not be lower than the rated voltage of the test motor 125%. If the motor in the rotating state to do the test, it can directly carry out the above-mentioned voltage withstand test. The motor windings, conductors and conductive devices have no breakdown or flashover between the casing and the other, and the test is considered qualified.