YZP Type Motors Can Monitor The Bearing

When the motor is running, the YZP motor can use a screwdriver to monitor the bearing's sound on the tip of the bearing on the cover, near the ear of the screwdriver. Such as the inner and outer ring of the rolling body in the fuzzy rolling sound, the sound monotonous and uniform, people feel relaxed, and then the bearing is very good, the normal operation of the motor. YZP Motor If you hear an abnormal sound, you should analyze the cause and handle it.

1.1 hear the obvious rolling and vibration sound, YZP-type motor that bearing clearance is too large or serious wear and tear, need to be replaced.

1.2 rolling voice dumb, re-tune, YZP-type motor that bearing grease dirty, impurity intrusion, the need to use kerosene cleaning bearings to replace the new lubricants.

1.3 rolling body with irregular impact, YZP-type motor, indicating the bearing rolling body, need to be replaced.

1.4 Approximate whistle of the phone, mixed with the rolling sound, indicating that the grease or lubricant is not properly selected, the YZP motor needs to add a clean lubricant or replace the appropriate lubricant.

2, rolling bearing heat causes and treatment methods

2.1 motor shelved for too long, YZP motor grease deterioration, hardening; should replace the new grease.

2.2 bearing the cavity of the oil is too large or too small, should be between 1 / 3-2 / 3 of the bearing room; and according to conventional quantitative plus the same type of lubricating oil motor requirements.

2.3 bearing room with debris, need to use kerosene cleaning bearings, replace the new lubricants.

2.4 bearing wear is too large, the inner ring and outer ring rupture, should replace the same type of new bearings.

2.5 motor running vibration, YZP-type motor coupling improper installation, the belt is too tight, shaft bending, will lead to bearing heat; should be excluded according to the situation.

2.6 bearing does not match the shoulder, open the bearing cover, YZP motor with copper rod, with a hammer symmetrical crashed into the bearing inner ring.

2.7 end cover or bearing cap assembly is not good, should be reassembled, so that both ends of the end cap and seat have a good mouth, diagonal tighten the bearing cap fastening bolts.

2.8 The performance of the rolling bearing depends not only on the manufacturing accuracy of the bearing itself, but also on its matching shaft and hole size accuracy, YZP motor shape and position tolerance and surface roughness, the choice of cooperation and installation is correct.

If the bearing inner ring and shaft are too tight, or bearing outer ring and end cap bearing cavity is too tight, that is, when the public surplus is too large, it will make the bearing gap is too small, sometimes even close to zero. YZP motor bearing rotation is not flexible, YZP-type motor will run very hot, and even burn the bearings.

Motor, motor does not turn, but there is a buzzing sound may be reasons: ① due to power supply problems, resulting in single-phase operation; ② motor load overload; ③ drag mechanical card; ④ winding motor rotor circuit open polyline; The location of the wrong end of the YZP type car or broken, short circuit. Processing method: the first check the power cord, the main check the motor wiring and fuse, whether there is line damage; the second case, the motor unloading or unloading after the start of the load; the third case is estimated that due to drag and drop equipment failure, YZP Type motor unloading drag device, YZP motor from the drag device to find the fault; the fourth case check brush, YZP motor slip ring and contact the case of contactor; the fifth case to re-determine the three-phase, check Whether the three-phase winding is broken and short-circuited.