YZP Type Motors Main Power Equipment

YZP Type Motors Motor industry is a traditional industry, is the basic industry of national economy, explosion-proof motor is in the early 2070 of the 21st century, in order to meet our coal, petrochemical industry development and development of special-purpose motor, YZP Type Motors is used in the above-mentioned industry stroke machine, pumps, compressors, machine tools in the main power equipment.

In recent years, with the rapid development of China's economy, petrochemical, coal industry on the need for explosion-proof motor more and more, and thus also promote the development of China's explosion-proof motor industry, explosion-proof motor enterprises in the overall growth trend. Incomplete statistics, the current national total explosion-proof motor manufacturing enterprises more than more than 100, YZP Type Motors explosion-proof Motor Association member units 77, the vast majority of enterprises not only produce explosion-proof motor products, but also the production of ordinary motor products, coal mining professional motor production enterprises accounted for about 15%.

The rapid development of the economy on the demand for energy, the coal, oil, chemical industry operating conditions significantly improved. At the same time, coal, YZP Type Motors petroleum, chemical industry to safety production and production efficiency more and more attention to the explosion-proof motor demand is increasing trend.

This year, explosion-proof motor industry main users operating efficiency is generally poor, leading to the entire explosion-proof motor industry market demand atrophy, the industry competition is fierce, the comprehensive economic benefits continue to decline, operating pressure increased.

From 22 Survey of Industry Enterprises Statistical data Summary analysis, explosion-proof motor industry in the first half of the explosion-proof motor production has slipped slightly over the previous year, order volume and sales volume fell 13%, 8.7% respectively, the production of finished goods inventory significantly increased, explosion-proof motor product prices fell, resulting in explosion-proof motor sales output value decline more; Because of the decline in production and marketing scale, and cost, cost continued to increase, YZP Type Motors resulting in a sharp decline in profits. The overall operating quality of the industry declined year-on-year.

At present, our country's annual demand for explosion-proof motor about 20 million kw, including high-voltage explosion-proof motor about 7 million kw, accounted for the annual demand for explosion-proof motor 28%; explosion-proof motor industry market polarization, large-scale motor market concentration is relatively high, small and medium-sized motor market concentration is low, competitive. YZP Type Motors Enterprises lack of research and development capabilities, product technology content is low, competitive ability is poor, in the past two years there are enterprises in the discontinued or semi-discontinued state. Industry enterprises into a shuffle stage.

From the statistics of industry products, the output of flameproof low-voltage Motor occupies 86% of the whole explosion-proof motor market, YZP Type Motors and its product efficiency is in line with GB18613 energy efficiency standard 3. Meet the requirements of current standards. According to the National Energy Efficiency Standard GB18613, the July 2016 motor efficiency indicators need to meet the requirements of the 2-level energy efficiency.