YZP Type Motors Of The Air Compressor

1) YZP Type Motors Wide range of applications. The air compressor driven by a closed motor can be used in places where the environment is poor. For example, YZP Type Motors dust, fiber flying. Surrounded by rotten gas and other factories, mining.

2) The motor maintenance workload is small. As the motor shell is completely closed, a variety of dust, moisture and corrosive gases can not enter the motor inside, YZP Type Motors so the motor maintenance workload is small, easy to use.

1) the price of the motor is higher;

2) Weight, larger: the motor shell is fully closed, the internal winding heat dissipation, in order to control the motor temperature within the specified range, YZP Type Motors it is necessary to increase the size of the radiator, so the motor size, weight.

3) The internal fault of the motor is difficult to detect.

4) The motor is heavy, which is detrimental to the air compressor that receives the weight of the motor.

1) maintenance workload slightly larger;

2) can not be used in harsh environments

A heat treatment costs: each machine needs raw steel plate 30kg, according to the steel plant thermal efficiency twice the premise of the calculation, a single need at least 7. 5 yuan, the total difference of about 250 yuan per ton. This does not include huge equipment investment, YZP Type Motors the cost of ancillary materials (such as protective gas), human costs and the loss of undesirable products, and even does not include the benefits of saving steel plate coating materials.

Of course, the motor plant because the scale is much smaller than the steel, and the difference between the motor is also great, heat treatment capacity varies greatly. YZP Type Motors If the heat treatment capacity of the motor plant is poor, the performance of the semi-process steel after annealing may not reach its theoretical design value. This requires more scientific and stricter control of the heat treatment of the electrical plant.

Semi-process steel to improve product performance, YZP Type Motors but other features have declined. Such as semi-process steel full process steel material hardness has greatly improved to improve the processing difficulty, the demand for stamping equipment increased. YZP Type Motors From the hardness point of view, semi-process steel than the whole process steel 10% to 20% or so, which requires a corresponding increase in the tonnage of tonnage equipment 10% to 20%, which is the biggest drawback of semi-process steel.

1. The stator windings of the protected motor are star-shaped, and when the phase-breaking operation is performed, it is generally said that the unbalanced two-phase current increases. Due to voltage imbalance, at least one phase current increases. Because the star is connected, YZP Type Motors the line current is equal to the phase current, so for the star-connected motor, the choice of the general three-pole thermal relay or three-pole protection motor type circuit breaker, is able to play an effective protection.

2. The stator windings of the protected motor are triangular and there are two cases when the motor is disconnected:

I2 = I1 = I1ph + I2ph = 1.5I2ph The current between the line current and the phase current is no longer the relationship between the line current is not correct Reflecting the magnitude of the phase current, YZP Type Motors that is, it can not effectively reflect whether the motor windings are already overloaded. I1ph = I3ph = 0.58In (In is the rated current of the motor) when the motor is running under rated load, I2ph = 2Iph = 1.16In, I2 = I3 = 1.5I2ph = 1.5 × 1.6In = 1.73In. At this time if the choice of the general three-pole thermal relay (or circuit breaker), barely can play a protective role, but when the load under the rated load of 65% of the disconnected operation will be a long time may burn the motor. To solve the protection problem, YZP Type Motors should be used with off-phase protection of thermal relays, such as JR20, T series, 3UA series.