YZP Type Motors The Basic Conditions

Gear DC gear motor includes DC gear motor, DC worm gear motor,YZP Type Motors DC planetary gear motor.

Reasonable choice of gear box gear motor is the basic conditions, YZP Type Motors is the rated voltage, rated speed, rated torque three indicators.

Each type of parameter table describes the performance of the highest efficiency point refers to the rated speed and rated torque for reference selection, gear motor rated operating point is an important basis for motor design, YZP Type Motors work in the vicinity of the rated point of its work efficiency Highest, most stable performance.

In the case of large deceleration ratio low speed conditions, YZP Type Motors refer to the maximum allowable load and speed in the performance parameter table. Operating at maximum allowable load and speed conditions will reduce the service life of the gear unit or directly damage the gear reducer.

Select the motor in the bulk use before the prototype test to confirm the rated speed, rated torque, voltage, current is in line with the conditions, if close can be considered reasonable choice, YZP Type Motors you can use. If the deviation is necessary to change the type, or can not guarantee the service life and quality.

The main feature of the gear motor is a reverse self-locking function, you can have a larger reduction ratio, the input shaft and output shaft is not the same plane, YZP Type Motors nor in the same plane. But the volume is generally larger, transmission efficiency is not high, the accuracy is not high.

Gear motor has the advantage of relatively compact structure, YZP Type Motors small return gap, high precision, long life, rated output torque can be done very large. YZP Type Motors But the price is slightly expensive. Gear reducer has a small size, transmission torque characteristics.

Gear motor is designed and manufactured on the basis of module combination system. There are many motor combinations, installation form and structure scheme. The transmission ratio is fine, YZP Type Motors and it can meet the different working conditions and realize the mechanical and electrical integration.

A motor is an electromagnetic device that realizes energy conversion or transmission according to the law of electromagnetic induction. In the circuit with the letter M (old standard with D) said. YZP Type Motors Its main role is to produce the drive torque, as a power source for electrical appliances or various machines. The generator is indicated by the letter G in the circuit. Its main role is the use of mechanical energy into electricity, YZP Type Motors the most commonly used is the use of heat, water and other power generators to promote power generation.

General asynchronous motor and variable frequency motor difference: ordinary asynchronous motor are designed by constant voltage constant voltage, can not fully adapt to the requirements of frequency control. YZP Type Motors The following is the impact of the inverter on the motor? 1, the efficiency of the motor and the temperature rise regardless of the form of the inverter, in the operation are generated in varying degrees of harmonic voltage and current, the motor in the non-sinusoidal voltage, current run. In the case of the commonly used sine-wave PWM inverter, the low-order harmonics are basically zero, and the higher harmonic components are about twice as large as the carrier frequency: 2u + 1 (u For modulation ratio). Second, the ordinary asynchronous motor and then reduce the speed, YZP Type Motors the cooling air volume and the speed of the third power ratio is reduced, YZP Type Motors resulting in low-speed cooling of the motor conditions deteriorate, the temperature rise sharply, it is difficult to achieve constant torque output.

  Higher harmonics can cause the motor stator copper consumption, rotor copper (aluminum) consumption, iron loss and additional loss increases, the most significant is the rotor copper (aluminum) consumption. Since the asynchronous motor rotates at a synchronous speed corresponding to the fundamental frequency, YZP Type Motors the high harmonic voltage causes a large rotor loss after cutting the rotor bar with a large slip. In addition, additional copper consumption due to skin effects should be considered. First of all, YZP Type Motors the impedance of the asynchronous motor is not ideal, when the power frequency is relatively low, the power of the high-order harmonic caused by the larger loss.