YZP Type Motors The Trend Of

Now, in all areas (automotive, industrial control or consumer products), YZP Type Motors electrification is everywhere. A clear trend is that brush motors will gradually be replaced by brushless motors (DC brushless or permanent magnet synchronous). And when driving the different output load, YZP Type Motors the main thing is to minimize the motor torque fluctuations.YZP Type Motors We need to accurately identify the needs of different application scenarios, some applications without sensors, some applications require high-precision, high-resolution position sensor. In order to further improve performance, the use of more accurate and effective way of motor commutation, and the traditional way of the Hall switch is too extensive, so the high-precision position sensor is imperative, YZP Type Motors to achieve accurate, high-speed position detection, and has a very Low time delay. Obviously, in the future, humans will use more and more intelligent electrical equipment and new drive systems, YZP Type Motors all of which require more intelligent, more accurate sensors as a basis.

The purchase of the motor control program depends mainly on the actual application requirements and the system cost budget. Of course, the system accuracy will be an important selection criteria. When we select the appropriate sensor for a motor control system, the resolution, linearity error, YZP Type Motors and delay parameters need to be considered, and the output of the sensor must be sufficiently stable to be affected by external stray magnetic fields and other electromagnetic interference.

For automotive and industrial-grade motor control applications, Aymouth Semiconductor offers a range of Hall-based position sensors. Thanks to our patented technology DAECTM (dynamic angle error compensation technology), YZP Type Motors in the external stray magnetic field interference, the sensor can still maintain a high accuracy. Based on the DAECTM patented technology, the user can achieve angular delay of almost zero latency. Our sensors meet automotive requirements and work in harsh temperature environments. YZP Type Motors We have also seen that the new motor system has a huge demand for both magnetic sensors and mutual sensors, and the future of Aimeis Semiconductor will provide more superior products.

YZP lifting motor and metallurgical motor using computer-aided design, YZP Type Motors taking full account of the variable frequency power supply in the motor impact, YZP Type Motors with a variety of inverter devices at home and abroad to match the composition of AC variable frequency speed control system. It has the characteristics of high overload capacity, high mechanical strength, wide speed range, stable operation and so on. It is suitable for those who have short-term or intermittent operation, frequent starting and braking and reversing, YZP Type Motors overload and significant vibration and shock Mechanical and metallurgical auxiliary machinery and equipment of the frequency control drive system. With high-precision sensor, can achieve high-precision closed-loop operation. YZP Type Motors The installation size of the motor is the same as that of the YZ and YZR series three-phase asynchronous motors with the same seat size.

Lifting and metallurgical motor with a constant voltage of 380V, frequency range 3-100Hz.3-50Hz constant torque speed, 50-100Hz constant power speed. YZP Type Motors Motor housing protection class IP54, insulation class for the F-class and H-class.

YZP crane motor comes with fan cooling, the reference working system S3-40%, YZPF series of independent power supply fan on the motor surface forced air cooling, YZP Type Motors the reference working system S1.

According to the needs of users, the motor can be installed a variety of high-resolution photoelectric encoder, electromagnetic brakes and other accessories.