YZR/YZ Series Are Suitable For Driving Various Types Of Crane And Metallurgical Mechineries Of Other Similar Equipment

YZR/YZ.Series ,motoer for crane and metallurfical usres,featured with large overload capacity and adequatemechanical strength,are specity suitable for driving various types of crane and metallurgical mechineries of other similar equipment.

YZR series motore are of wound rotors type.while YZ series motors are of squirrel cage type.

The moor will operate satisfactorily under following conditions:

(1)trmperature of coolant not exceeding 40(for crane uses)or 60(for metallurgicaluses)

(2)Alitltude form sea-level not exceeding 1000m

(3)Frequent and significant mechanical vibration and shocks

(4)Frequent starting braking.braking(electrical or mechanical)or revrtsing

The rated frequency of the motor is 50 HZ and rated voltage is 380V.

Connection: the stator winding is connected in Y for 132KW and below and in for the rest In y whit zero leader is also supplied.