YZR/YZ Type Motors More And More Wide

YZR/YZ Type Motors Small three-phase asynchronous motor, usually including H80-315mm motor, its large production, wide use, in the total load of the grid, it's electricity consumption is about 40%. The popular in the early 60 for the JO2 series motor, the series of power rating, installation size and the international market is different from the general standard, in addition, the motor start torque is lower and the lack of noise control indicators, so now the use of the motor in China is Y series motor. The motor is rugged, safe and reliable and therefore uses more and more extensive. YZR/YZ Type Motors However, some users use the annual damage rate of the motor as high as 5%, the reason is mostly the improper selection, improper use, protection of poor reasons. Therefore, the main purpose of this lecture is to find out the quality problem in the use of motor and solve it properly.

Small asynchronous motor system of small asynchronous motor can be divided into: Basic series, derived series and special series. Basic series----the use of a wide range of large production, is a General Motors, such as the Y-series (IP44) small three-phase asynchronous motor. Derived series----in accordance with the different requirements of the use of the basic series on the basis of a partial change, YZR/YZ Type Motors the other parts and basic series have a high degree of universality and a certain extent of uniformity. Derived series have electrical derivation (such as efficient motor, YX series), structure derivation (such as winding rotor Motor yr series), special environment derivation (flameproof motor, YB series) and several other.

Basic Series Technical Parameters

1. Standard No. Jb T9616 1996

2, Shell protection structure type Y series small three-phase asynchronous motor Basic series has IP23, IP44 two kinds of shell protection grade. The meaning of IP23 and IP44 is: Ip--represents the protection level of the glyph, followed by the two-digit requirements of the following table: level requirements IP23 first digit can prevent finger contact and in the case of the electric or rotational parts, YZR/YZ Type Motors can prevent a small solid foreign body with a diameter greater than 12MM from entering a second digit with a 60 degree or less than 60 degree of water along the vertical line. IP44 The first digit can prevent the thickness greater than 1MM tool, A metal wire or similar object touches a charged or rotational part of the casing, can prevent small solids larger than 1MM diameter into the entry, but not including by the outside fan suction or air supply ventilation and closed motor outlet hole, these parts should have a 2-level protective performance of the second digit in any direction splash water in the motor, should have no harmful effect.

3, installation structure and type Y Series motor installation structure, YZR/YZ Type Motors divided into the foundation installation, with the foundation with flange end cover installation and with a flange end cover installation, such as three kinds. According to three kinds of basic installation structure, the electric motor installation type is divided into horizontal installation or vertical installation and axle extension up or down, namely B3, B35, B5, V1, V15 and other installation methods, specific model check standard.

4, Cooling mode y series motor is basically by the ambient air to cycle cooling.

IP23 motor for the use of the rotor end ring on the wind vane as a driving element, the surrounding cold air from the end of the cover into, through the wind vane booster, YZR/YZ Type Motors carrying some of the rotor heat, and then cooling the stator winding end and iron core back, heated air from the middle of the machine shell outside the machine. IP44 motor, the motor in the process of internal loss (iron loss, copper loss, mechanical loss) produced by all the heat transfer to the surface of the motor, through the installation in the non-axial extension of the fan drive around the air continuously blowing motor surface, take away the above heat, to achieve the purpose of cooling motor.

5, power level and installation size check table.

6, the main performance indicators of some motor and other plants compared to the possibility of short iron core, enameled wire fine, but the power of the motor and other performance indicators are in line with the standard requirements.

7, winding temperature rise y series motor using B-class insulation, YZR/YZ Type Motors allowing the winding temperature rise to 80K. Another F-class insulation allows the winding temperature to rise to 115K.

8, operating conditions (1), elevation does not allow more than 1000 meters, the ambient temperature is not more than 40 Shan, the lowest temperature-15 Shan. The average maximum humidity at the operating site is 90%, while the average minimum temperature for the month is no higher than 25 Shan. (2), the power supply voltage is 380V ± 5%, the frequency is 50HZ change does not surpass ± 1%, the three-phase current no-load time unbalance does not surpass 10%, the medium load does not surpass 5%. The no-load current is generally the 30-55 of the load current.