Fashion Induction Electric AC and DC Motors Types Wholesale

Fashion Induction Electric AC and DC Motors Types Wholesale
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Product Details

Electricity saving and quiet operation

Electric motor can withstand water, dust and vermin
Electric motor very easy installation
Electric motor dependable Corrosion resistant and long life to work
Reliability performance and very competitive price.

Three Phase Metric Motors was designed specifically to meet the demanding sanitation requirements of the pharmaceutical,food processing and beverage industries.

Requirements for cleaning of production equipment in the food- as well as pharmaceutical process lines are often very high. The cleaning process is time consuming and often also rough on the equipment.

Unlike standard motors, our electric motors in stainless steel has no fins; surface is smooth and clean. The stainless steel surfaces allows coating (paint / varnish) unnecessary and therefore eliminates the risk of loose paint peeling off and contaminate the production. The motor nameplate is engraved in the surface which again minimizes the risk of the accumulation of dirt.