Small Single Motor or 3 phase AC Motor Working Speed Control

Small Single Motor or 3 phase AC Motor Working Speed Control
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Electric motor is a specific type of electric machine which has characteristic of soft machinery and wide range speed control. It has the advantages of slow-speed of revolution, high torque, strong overload capacity, fast response, features good linearity and small torque variation, etc. The power output of electric motor axle is not constant, but constant torque. The characteristics of electric motor in this series apply to convolution, unreeling, stalling, speed regulating and other than utility. It is widely used in spinning, electric wire and cable, metal-processing industry, paper industry, rubber industry, plastics industry and mechanical industry.

When load increase, the speed of electric motor can slowdown automatically. However the output torque will increase to keep balance with load. When the loacked-rotor torque of electric motor is high and locked-rotor current is small that can bear stalling. As rotor has higher electrical resistance and big loss that hot is serious, especial in low speed working.

It's design of improving the efficiency is in line with the requirements of energy saving put forward by the state for the industry of production and manufacturing.

YE3 series motor mounting dimensions conform to IEC60034 standard, with the advantages of reasonable structure, beautiful appearance, high efficiency, low noise, high protection grade and insulation grade etc. It is widely used in fans, pumps, machine tools, compressors and transport machinery, driving general-purpose machinery and equipment. It also can be used in place of petroleum, chemical industry, iron and steel, mining and in other relatively poor environment.